Questions we would ask of a rabbit boarding. 


How many years experience do you have? / How long have you been boarding rabbits?


Active, British Rabbit Council member, Rabbit Welfare Fund Associate RWAF members, plus show secretary for a number of local rabbits shows, then support and work with a number local veterinary centres, Held Trustee of local RSPCA. In english I exhibit,  rescue, train and enjoy the science of all things rabbit...


Experience with animals, well reading the about us page it states 20 years, but to be honest the both of us are over 50 years old and both grown up with animals, so lets say a while.


Working Horses

Working Dogs






Poultry / Ducks



We moved into our current location end of 2017 - the Redbeck Rabbit Boarding was set up spring 2018, although we offered boarding at our previous location for about 6 years.




we actively encourage folk to comment

We are also vet recommended and fully insured with Pet Business Insurance. 


Do you have a policy on vaccinations? 


All our rabbits are vaccinated, All visiting rabbits must be vaccinated against VHD 1 & 2 and Myxomatosis. Vaccinations must be in date and records will be checked on arrival. We do not board unvaccinated rabbits under any circumstances. Rabbits must have received BOTH Nobivac and Filivac vaccinations (Myxo, VHD 1 &2) at least 3 weeks' prior to admission.


Guinea Pigs need no vaccinations.


What do you do if you suspect a pet in your care is unwell?


I will try to contact you but if I suspect a pet is unwell and requires veterinary treatment, they will be taken immediately for a consultation. In accordance with the Boarding Contract, you agree to abide by the vet's bill on collection of your pet. If I cannot get hold of you, I shall make decisions in the best interests of the animal after consultation with the vet and contact you as soon as I am able. Sadly, small pets can pass away with little or no warning and in this instance, you will be contacted as soon as possible and arrangements made for the rabbit or guinea pig to be taken to our local vets. You will have the option of the animal being held pending your return or for me to authorise individual cremation on your behalf with all costs payable by you on your return from holiday.


Do you have the support of a rabbit and guinea pig/small animal savvy Vet? / Do they operate an Emergency Vet service and what is it like?


Yes, I have a good relationship with a local rabbit/guinea pig savvy veterinary practice who offer late and weekend opening hours and have a 24 hour emergency vet service. I have personal experience of having used the vets for my own animals and am pleased with the knowledge and care they provide. Terry Croud   at


What is your cleaning out routine? 


Litter trays are changed and disinfected daily, soiled bedding is removed daily, a full clean is done every third day. 

I use veterinary grade disinfectant (Zirkon, 4Safe) and steam cleaning on the housing and runs.


I have a dustpan and brush per accommodation for infection control purposes

Housing is fitted with non-slip lino flooring for comfort and hygiene.


All bottles and bowls are fully sterilised


All equipment is fully cleaned use virkon after use. Run areas are disinfected after use.



Do my pets go out on the grass?


If multiple rabbits are allowed to share the same grassy area to exercise there is high risk of passing on infection as there is no way grass can be adequately disinfected. Hardstanding is used for core exercise times. Grassed areas are available at the owner's discretion, consent form must be signed.   



How much time will be spent with my pet/s?


There is, generally, somebody here all day. Everyone gets plenty of attention



Can I phone/text for updates while I’m away?


Yes, or you can follow us on Facebook where updates are given frequently on all the animals here.


What do I need to bring?


You need to bring your own dried food if your pet does not eat Supreme Science Selective or Burgess Excel. Ad lib hay and fresh food is provided. Bowls and bottles are provided. You just need to bring your pets in a suitable pet carrier and, for rabbits, their vaccination records.

Drop Off and Collection times

We are very flexible with drop off and collection timings, all we ask is when time is agreed, please inform us if this changes in good time