Health Checks


We are not vets, although we have a good amount of experience with regard to the health and behaviour of rabbits and guinea pigs;  monitoring of our guest's health and well-being will be undertaken daily:


Rabbits will be monitored for the following common signs of diseases and infections;

Ears - mites / canker.

Eyes - water / running / infection.

Nose - discharge / snuffles /  pasturella.

Teeth -  infection / malocclusion  

Coat - fleas and fur mites.

Legs - sore hocks / excessive grooming.

Genitals - Vents disease / infections /  loss stools / fly strike.



E. Cuniculi, Coccidiosis, Bloat, stasis, Gut blockage 


Guinea Pigs will be monitored on all of the above with specific  checks on:

Over-productive grease gland and ear wax.


Last but not least the the effects of stress, eating, drinking and behaviour will be monitored regularly. Any abnormal behaviour will be recorded and we will involve vets as required.  




If at the time of boarding your pet is under veterinary supervision and receiving medical treatment, we will be more than happy to assist in administering drugs orally, topically or via injections. 

We have rabbits who have special needs including extensive medical and dietary regimes.  If you have a special needs rabbit we can help give you the peace of mind by continuing your pet's daily medical routine.  We are not vets and we can not be liable for errors or if something going wrong with the medication, our Insurance will not cover for any error or failure on our part as far as the administration of any veterinary medicine. Owners written consent will be required.

Heat Pads & Lamps


Heat pads and lamps are available for old or convalescing rabbits and guinea pigs for added comfort and warmth. 

Cool Pads & Pods


To the other extreme small furries can struggle with heat so a complete array of measures are adopted to help keep them cool 

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